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Quick Messenger Utility Overview
The Quick Messenger Utility provides a Windows 9X WinPopUp like facility to the Windows NT, 2000 and XP user.

Windows NT, 2000 and XP all provide a command line network messaging facility using the 'Net Send' command, but don't offer a graphical front end to it.  This tool provides the graphical user interface to send messages to a user, computer or group of computers defined by you, it also offers the option to save the most recent message for repeated messaging tasks.

We designed this utility in response to demand from our own customers and because, while there are plenty of tools offering a similar facility on the Internet, we were surprised to be expected to pay for most of them!  You may enjoy our utility for free.

Quick Messenger Utility features:

  • Simple interface provides easy access to Windows NT net send command.
  • Ability to define pre-set message group file to send messages to groups of users.
  • Message group file can be centrally stores so all workstations use a common file.
  • Remember last Message and Send To option to save retyping the same message.


03/03/2006 20:09
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