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SchoolSuiteSchoolSuite is an enhanced network security and management solution specifically designed for schools and is our primary product.  It is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the individual school's needs and is suitable for any size of school and is currently being used by schools with networks ranging anywhere from 20 to 800 computers.

SchoolSuite is a complete software control solution developed by RedFox specifically to meet the network management and teaching needs of primary and secondary schools.  SchoolSuite has evolved from our involvement with UK Schools implementing the National Grid for Learning strategy, as a solution to many of the serious issues faced when delivering an ICT curriculum and infrastructure.

For more information have a look at the SchoolSuite Page or, for even more information (including screen shots, frequent questions and demonstration videos), why not visit the SchoolSuite Web Site?

Expertise & Technical Ability
Much of what we do is based on satisfying the individual requirements for each of our customers on a bespoke basis.  We consider the expertise and technical ability of our staff to be one of our major products.  Whilst we believe these skills are any company's most valuable assets, they do not lend themselves too allowing you to push a virtual shopping cart round our web-site! 

Check the Services Page to get a better understanding of scope of our expertise and abilities or contact us and find out for yourself.

Tools & Utilities
In the course of building bespoke solutions we will occasionally encounter an obstacle with no obvious remedy, these situations may result in us designing a custom tool or utility to address the need.  By their nature these tools and utilities are often quite specialised and limited in scope, however some have a more general purpose appeal.

We have made most of these products available free of charge, in the belief they enhance our reputation and may encourage you to think of RedFox should you require further assistance.

We hope they are as useful to you as they are to us .. Jump to Tools & Utilities

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