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Profile Guard Utility Overview

If you are trying to distribute a common desktop to Win9X clients using group policies and want to avoid users creating their own profile this utility may well help!

In common use at many schools, the RedFox Profile Guard utility overcomes the limitation of Windows asking each user if they want their settings saved and requesting a password once 'All users of this computer share the same preferences' has been enabled in the Passwords control panel applet.

As enabling the passwords applet's share preferences option is a pre-requisite for the correct operation of group policies, this issue has been the bane of many administrators lives resulting in many hours housekeeping because users rarely answer 'No' to the new user dialogue box and cancel the password entry window.

What usually happens, especially with in-experienced school users, is they select the default option of 'Yes' and enter their domain password when prompted, resulting in a new user profile and more work for you the Network Administrator.

The RedFox Profile Guard utility can overcome this issue by monitoring for and responding to these dialogue windows during login progress before they ever trouble the user.


03/03/2006 08:06
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