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SchoolSuite is a complete software control solution developed by RedFox specifically to meet the network management and teaching needs of primary and secondary schools.  SchoolSuite evolved from our involvement with UK Schools implementing the National Grid for Learning strategy, as a solution to many of the serious issues faced when delivering an ICT curriculum and infrastructure.

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SchoolSuite eases the management of a school's network using a combination of desktop security and administration tools.

Designed to run on any Microsoft Windows network, SchoolSuite enables a school's ICT Co-ordinator to manage the network, with little additional management time, enabling the school to deliver the curriculum in an effective and reliable way.

Free demonstrations

We can offer no obligation on-site demonstrations of SchoolSuite, so you can see for yourself how its functionality could enhance your computer network.

Trouble free installation

We have a dedicated team of SchoolSuite software engineers who will project manage the implementation of the software into your school.

An appointment can be made at a time to suit your school so you don't need to interrupt your classes.

Our installation engineers are also able to offer advice and operational training for all your staff.

Summary of features

Classroom computer system control
Teachers and Technicians can control any workstation on the network. Providing remote messaging and log-off through to complete system control and remote demonstration facilities.

Enhanced network security
Allows you to take real control over exactly how much (or little) you want your users to be able to do.

Enhanced network management
SchoolSuite simplifies many complex and time consuming network management tasks such as user, printer and asset management.

Automated systems shutdown
Teachers can automatically log-off, restart and shutdown all the computers in a class and Technicians can do the same for the whole network.

Fast workstation deployment
Workstation images can be quickly created or restored without impacting network performance and new workstations can be deployed quickly and simply.

Controlled internet access
Web usage can be controlled and audited and email access can be simplified and tightly controlled with our MiniMail email client.

Teacher demonstrations
Teachers can lock student computers while remotely demonstrating a task, removing possible distractions.

Scanning of Student PCs
Teachers can scan all the computers in a class to monitor student progress through a task.

Classroom workstation lockdown
Improved control over how software and data can be manipulated, ensuring your network remains a teaching tool not a hacker's playground.

Enhanced network capabilities
SchoolSuite includes many additional features ideally suited to schools.  Such as automated hardware and software auditing, application deployment and automated printer installation.
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