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Email & Internet ServicesIn larger organisations Email is an essential business communications tool, but depending on the design and evolution of the system, it can also be a rampaging behemoth that swallows all the hardware resources you can throw at it.

In smaller companies the Email system has often developed from a useful utility, that someone discovered in Windows and decided to implement, into an essential means of communication that is proving too inflexible to cope with the demands now placed on it!

In both cases the addition of Internet email services has become an essential feature in extending communication to customers and suppliers.  However, once connected, this is a tap that cannot be turned off and you need to have absolute confidence that your Internet mail service is reliable enough to be seen as a benefit, rather than a hindrance, by those outside your organisation.

RedFox are well versed in configuring a variety of email packages and connecting them to the Internet.  From our PC networking perspective, Microsoft's Exchange Server product is the most common package on people's email shopping list and RedFox have proven experienced in the design, installation and support of Exchange Server in a LAN, WAN or Internet environment.

05/03/2006 20:10
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