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Networking Services Whether you have a small office with just a few PCs or a large organisation with a disparate mix of hardware platforms RedFox can get them talking and empower you to make better use of the resources you have.

If required, RedFox can help establish your requirements, plan, design, specify and install the ideal solution, as well as support you once you are up and running.

However, a 'green field site' is rare in terms of networking these days and, far more commonly, we advise on improving or extending an existing installation.  The rush to get on the Internet has obviously heralded a significant rise in the 'extending an existing installation' category, but adding support for secondary locations, Tele/Home workers and roving users are also common reasons for expanding the capabilities of your network.

It is not unusual for a network to become the victim of its own success and begin struggling to cope with unforeseen workloads and unexpected connectivity issues!  We can often make recommendations that better utilise your existing investment rather than forcing you to make expensive upgrades.

Of course, there are occasions when upgrading is the correct course of action, but whatever recommendation we make, you can be sure the only motivation for making it will be the best interests of your business! 

05/03/2006 20:10
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