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In the course of building bespoke solutions we will occasionally encounter an obstacle with no obvious remedy, these situations may result in us designing a custom tool or utility to address the need.  Occasionally we make some of these products available free of charge, in the belief they enhance our reputation and may encourage you to think of RedFox should you require further assistance.
Microsoft Outlook™ Roving Client Utility
IIf you have ever tried to implement roving or roaming user profiles with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP or Vista and have them support access to a Microsoft Exchange Server using Outlook 97, 98, 2000, XP, 2003 or 2007, you will know why you need this! 

Originally designed for classroom or open access environments in Schools in the UK, where any one of hundreds of students could potentially log on to any PC and would expect to be able to access their email; the roving client utility is now in use on thousands of workstations world-wide.

However, the effectiveness of this utility is not limited to educational establishments, it could well save a lot of time and trouble in any environment where more than one user has access to a given workstation.

Display Mode Utility
If you need to adjust your display settings size or colour depth without using the display properties control panel applet this utility may be what you are looking for!

This utility was originally designed to overcome the situation where a legacy software package refuses to operate because it thinks your 32 Bit graphics with adapter (with 128MB plus of video memory) is incapable of displaying 256 colours! 

Windows NT Quick Messenger Utility
Offers a facility similar to the Windows 98 WinPopUp utility to the Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003 user, as Windows NT provides a command line network messaging facility using the 'Net Send' command, but does provide a graphical front end to it. 

This tool provides the graphical user interface to send messages to a user, computer or group of computers defined by you, it also offers the option to save the most recent message for repeated messaging tasks.

We designed this utility in response to demand from our own customers and because, while there are plenty of tools offering a similar facility on the Internet, we were surprised to be expected to pay for most of them!  You may enjoy our utility for free.

RedFox Profile Guard Utility
If you are trying to distribute a common desktop to Win9X clients using group policies and want to avoid users creating their own profile this utility may well help.

In common use at many schools, the RedFox ProGuard utility overcomes the limitation of Windows asking each user if they want their settings saved and requesting a password once 'All users of this computer share the same preferences' has been enabled in the Passwords control panel applet.

Microsoft Exchange™ Extension Wizard
If you want to make use of Microsoft's extension library for the Exchange 5.5 Internet Mail Service from the BackOffice resource kit but do not want to get involved with configuring the registry and wrapping your text in rich text format codes, then you may find the RedFox IMS Extension Wizard a real help!

The wizard will configure all the registry keys required to enable (or disable) the IMS Extension so that it will append and/or insert text to all inbound and/or outbound messages travelling over the Internet Mail Service.  The wizard will also convert the text messages you enter into the rich text format required by the IMS Extension. Once updated, the wizard can optionally restart the Internet Mail Service so that the changes will take effect

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