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On occasion we may request that you submit a registration form to gain access to a particular resource, either because access to the resource is restricted or we are interested in the way the it will be used. This information will not be used for purposes other than improving your use of the site or satisfying our curiosity.


We do not allow other agencies to read information created by this site and do not make use of any banner advertising, a possible means of other parties collecting data you give in confidence.


Wherever possible scripts will be hosted on-site, so that you don't have to decide if you trust the externally hosted scripts. We do not link to tracking, tag management or advertising scripts.

On occasion we will link to externally hosted scripts such as the Google Maps and Captcha APIs, where it is not possible to host the service locally.


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Errors and omissions

Information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies, errors, omissions or typographical errors. RedFox endeavours to keep such inaccuracies to a minimum (ideally none) but the user should be aware that they may exist.

Updates and amendments

Information on this website may be changed or updated without notice. RedFox may also make improvements or changes to the products or services described in this website at any time without notice.

Though RedFox endeavours to keep the website up to date, it may not always be possible to ensure that the information on the website corresponds with the currently offered products and services. If in doubt, telephone RedFox for advice.

RedFox aims to provide a source of on-line information that is exhaustive, up-to-date and error-free. This is not always possible.

In all disputes, the correct information is that which you receive over the telephone from RedFox; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this website.

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Information collateral

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