Network Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

In some schools we support, the sticky notes accessory serves a useful tool and the loss of loss of suport for it, when migrating to mandatory user profiles, is a cause for concern, particularly within the admin office team.

The Network Sticky Notes utility is designed to function as a replacement for the Windows sticky notes accessory in these circumstances. As such it may not enjoy a broadest scope of appeal, but we created it after growing weary of poorly supported workarounds, that were actually made worse by the introduction of Windows 10.

Rather than storing the notes in the user’s profile they are located, by default, in the user’s home folder. This ensures that, not only are the notes retained at the next logon, but they are also available on any computer.

It also allowed us to address some perceived annoyances with the Windows accessory: allowing you to change the default note size, font and colour schemes. We even added a search facility for the truly addicted!