Below are some of the areas we have the expertise to assist with. It is not, by any means, a complete list of our abilities, although you can learn a little more by clicking on a subject of interest...

  • Software Design - Empower your business to achieve bigger and better objectives without losing sight of what makes you unique.
  • Networking - Whether you have a small office of just a few computers or a large and disparate mix of platforms, we can get them talking.
  • Virtualisation - No longer the preserve of big companies, anyone can benefit by incorporating it in their on-premise network.
  • Cloud Services - The Internet is a tool, not an end game and your web site should only be the start of your online presence.

Please consider this an appetiser, if you have a requirement you would like to discuss or just want an independent view on what is both possible and deliverable, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Software Design

Solutions that empower your business to achieve bigger and better objectives without losing sight of what makes you successful in the first place is what RedFox is all about. This is especially true in the field of application development.

Whether you are looking at a small utility program that allows an off-the-shelf package to make better use of your resources or network infrastructure or a line of business application, we can help.

We have written custom utilities that are in use all over the world, as well as mission critical bespoke database applications for customers that run at the heart of their business.


We can help evaluate, design, install and Support all sizes of network. Whether you have a small office of just a few computers or a large organisation with a disparate mix of hardware platforms RedFox can get them talking and empower you to make better use of all your resources.

A 'green field site' is a rare thing these days, far more commonly we advise on improving or extending an existing installation.  The rush to the Internet heralded a significant rise in the 'extending an existing installation' category, but adding support for secondary locations, Tele/Home workers and roving users are also common reasons for expanding the capabilities of your network.

It is not unusual for a network to become the victim of its own success and begin struggling to cope with unforeseen workloads and unexpected connectivity issues! We can often make recommendations that better utilise your existing investment rather than forcing you to make expensive upgrades.

Of course, there are occasions when upgrading is the correct course of action, but whatever recommendation we make, you can be sure the only motivation for making it will be the best interests of your business!


The value in server virtualisation has been obvious for some time: the improved reliability and hardware consolidation make it a win/win technology. Yet, to the unfamiliar, it can seem to be a daunting and costly undertaking with a 'big company thing' label.

Virtualisation is very much an old new thing, it has been a mainframe systems component for over forty years; it is little newer on PC networks but, but its still very well established. We have been advocates since the 'wow' moment the first time we used Connectix Virtual PC to revert software testing desktops to a snapshot back in 1998.

One of factor that can deter smaller organisations from virtualising their network is the perceived price tag, but this need not be the case!

We are versed in server and desktop virtualisation and have deployed both into networks of all sizes while keeping the expenditure well within a 'self evidently worthwhile' bracket.

Cloud Services

For a long time substituting the word 'Internet' in place of 'The Cloud' was sufficient to explain its function. Sadly, this is no longer true. The glossy adverts portray a golden age of computing where the cloud' is a panacea for any problem you face.

It is true that there are some fantastic cloud services. For instance: the fact that Google Photos will backup all the pictures on your phone, via an app that sorts and categorises them, for free, is amazing! Unfortunately, the more prevalent cloud computing business model seems to be "Stick a web front end on a product, store the data offsite, switch to a usage based license and ramp up the cost the more you rely on it!"

Sometimes a cloud business model is useful, but there are also times it isn't. Your data is stored on someone else's server, datacenter and network and the someone may actually be three different companies, so you need to have a plan if any part of that equation fails. Your data is critical, don't expect another company to value it as highly as you do!

You also need to be fully aware of the data security implications of cloud storage, as you can't delegate your data protection responsibilities to a third party.

RedFox can help you make the best use of Cloud Services, be it a public private or hybrid cloud. It is often possible to have the best of both worlds with a little planning.